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Baby Driver

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Baby Driver Directed by Edgar Wright Written by Edgar Wright Baby Driver is a slick, hip, and oozing with cool tunes film that starts off with its foot on the gas pedal, but unfortunately let’s off midway through to accompany a love story that at first may seem sweet and innocent, but upon further thinking becomes quite uncomfortable to think about.  One director who also wrote this film and although some moments are neat, and slightly unexpected.  It is not without foreshadow, typical story formulas, and missteps. Here comes the spoilers. The film opens … Continue reading

Spiderman: Homecoming

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Spiderman: Homecoming Directed by Jon Watts Written by Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Jon Watts, Christopher Ford, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers Most of the time too many cooks spoil the soup.  For the latest Spiderman film, this is thankfully not the case.  This will not be a typical Writing Movie ‘WRONGS’, but more so a Writing a Movie ‘RIGHT’.  With most of these writers’ previous successes in writing for various comedies this gives our friendly neighborhood Spiderman the much needed infusion of humor, wit and charm this film needed to nail the character.  … Continue reading

Transformers: The Last Knight

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Transformers:  The Last Knight Directed by Michael Bay Written by Art Marcum, Akiva Goldsman, Matt Holloway, and Ken Nolan Michael Bay.  A director that has film after film destroyed more Transformers movies than Decepticons have Autobots.  This film is pure awful.  Not even Mark Wahlberg with old familiar faces of Josh Duhamel and John Turturro can save this film.  It is not their fault.  It is a convoluted script and several ideas that initially seem neat, but never get solidified or utilized fully.  I blame that on the four writers.  Somewhere along the process … Continue reading


Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Baywatch Directed by Seth Gordon Written by Mark Swift, Damian Shannon, Jay Scherick, David Ronn, Thomas Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant Hot beaches and hot bodies should make for a great film, but when this film tries to do comedy it falls flat out and tries desperately to rely on sight gags in the form of penis jokes literally.  With four writer on the story and two screenplay writers this is a complete and utter shame.  Now The Rock is undeniably the worlds biggest (literally and figuratively) action star.  His charisma is on full … Continue reading

Wonder Woman

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Wonder Woman Directed by Patty Jenkins Written by Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg This is perhaps the best DC Comic Book movie of recent memory, and serves as a solid character introduction before this year’s Justice League hits theaters.  A film with heaps of gender equality, female empowerment, and something to all the young fierce girls of the world to look up to.  Yet even those aspirations get somewhat saddled in the final moments of the film.  It is easy to see why as two men wrote the screenplay.  Granted it had a female … Continue reading

The Fate of the Furious

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West The Fate of the Furious Directed by F. Gary Gary Written by Chris Morgan This is the eight film in the ever chart topping successful Fast & Furious franchise.  If you suspected this would mean they slow things down you are absolutely mistaken.  They manage to top the previous film’s action, and also manage to tell a compelling story while doing so.  To that end I say without reservation that story wise this film is by far the best written film in the franchise.  It almost perfectly sets up the dominoes to fall just … Continue reading

Ghost In The Shell

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Ghost in the Shell Directed by Rupert Sanders Written by Jamie Moss, William Wheeler, and Ehren Kruger. This is a film that from its announcement stirred a fervent fan base.  Many were excited to see Hollywood’s take on a beloved classic, but still ahead of its time anime film from 1995 which itself is based on a manga comic series written by Shirow Masamune.  This remake took three screenplay writers.  Three writers who overloaded this film with needless history over the sense of self themes the original dealt with better. Here comes the spoilers. … Continue reading


Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Logan Directed by James Mangold Written by Scott Frank, James Mangold, and Michael Green It is the year 2029 and we get to see that our favorite mutant with an attitude, Wolverine, is not doing so great.  Due to a virus that target mutants, his healing ability is slowly fading away and his adamantium skeleton is poisoning his body.  Wolverine is driving a limousine, and trying to save up money for medications for the now senile Xavier, and a boat they want to buy to sail off into the sunset.  Hugh Jackman does a … Continue reading

Fist Fight

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West Fist Fight Directed by Richie Keen Written by Van Robichaux and Evan Susser It’s the last day of the school year and the seniors are cutting loose with every prank imaginable.  It doesn’t take long before the pranks aggravate the teachers so much that eventually pits two teachers against each other.  That is the premise of this film.  Two teachers fight after school.  Laughing yet?  I didn’t think so.  The screenplay writers seem to have a budding career on their hands with upcoming film work on “Wedding Crashers 2” and “Sonic the Hedgehog”.  Yet … Continue reading

John Wick 2

Writing Movie “WRONGS” By Jim West John Wick 2 Directed by Chad Stahelski Written by Derek Kolstad In the first John Wick film we get introduced to a retired hitman whom the criminal underworld knows as “Baba Yaga” aka “The Boogeyman”.  A man who embodies death itself.  This film brings back this retired hitman with more bullets and bad people to kill.  The action is well choreographed, and shot with a steady camera instead of the headache inducing shaky cams from most action flicks these days.  That are the highlights of this film, but the story suffers tremendously with the … Continue reading