Writing MovieWRONGS

By Jim West


Directed by David Yarocesky

Written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn

How many times does a trailer make or break a film?  More often than not right?  This is exactly the case for Brightburn.  This movie feels like a great idea that was given to mediocre writers who have no real sense of how to deliver a story by slowly revealing details that would explain everything.  The trailer gives it all away and that is such a shame.  I strongly feel with a tightly edited trailer and film sequenced differently, would have made this film much better than it is.  Unfortunately the biggest thing this film has going for it is that their brother, James Gunn, was a producer.

Here comes the spoilers.

Tori and Kyle Breyer are a couple living in Brightburn, Kansas who are trying to have a child, but seems they cannot.  Then one night the heavens deliver a baby boy in a space capsule.  Classic superman origin story at play.  Full stop right here.  This is the most idiotic start to this story.  Because we all are familiar with the superman story and anything this child grows up to do would be somehow aligned to the same discovering powers that Superman went through.  Expect this kid gets bullied, ridiculed, and experiences unrequited love.  Since the trailers already gave it w=away that this is a bad superman take on the story then the film is already a waste. 

Evil superman…probably started off as a great idea and somehow these two writers got their chance to completely muck up what could’ve been a slow reveal of who he is.  I think if the film is edited in a way to show events happening that have no explanation, and the beginning of the film is cut to the end to show where he came from would have been a surprise for the viewers.  Then they can reveal him killing chickens, killing people, etc but under the guise of a supernatural phenomenon in town.  Just not reveal it is the kid until the end so it is a surprise.  Let them elude that it could be the water supply (harken to the Flint, Michigan water crisis) and then other events that would align to the phenomenon.  Perhaps that is just too much for their modest budget to deliver.

Even if they just took the opening scene and cut it to the end of the film, and cut out the scenes of the kid flying and killing people in the trailer this film could have been instantly better.  Unimaginative writing and giving the entire story away in a trailer are just two major weaknesses in bad films that really should be avoided at all costs.

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