Justice League

Writing Movie “WRONGS”
By Jim West

Justice League

Directed by Zack Snyder

Written by Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon

DC really wants to catch up to the Marvel Universes and tries so hard in this film and it reeks of desperation. Too much throw at the screen with little time to breath or savor any of the moments that they throw at the audience and quite frankly it suffers dearly as a result. I am still hopeful that there is more to come, but please folks controlling the future of the DC universe for film…read the below carefully!

Here comes the spoilers.

The film opens essentially right after the last debacle of Batman V. Superman left us with a world still reeling from the death of Superman. Yet not to fear it doesn’t take long for them to revive him and remind us how handsome Henry Cavill is. The cast of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Batman (Ben Affleck) are quickly assembled with only the Flash quickly joining the team as he could use some friends (haha slow clap). Ezra Miller is perhaps the best of the group and the portrayal is honestly what keeps this film moving along with the most human element going for it as the rest are just there for some action scenes. Wonder Woman comes into battle with her wonder hair that never gets messy. Must be a Wonder Woman superpower here that the likes of Paul Mitchel wish they could clone. Batman becomes so desperate to revive Superman that it is just disheartening. Oh the villain! Steppenwolf. Forgettable and just a cookie cutter ‘want to take over the world’ generic villain. DC take this note down very seriously here: THE STORY IS ONLY AS GREAT AS THE VILLAIN. Period.

The enemies and plot can be directly paralleled to the Avengers movie, and that just shows the level of desperation here. DC take a risk and allow a villain to last more than one film. Let the heroes lose! That would be a shock and innovative approach to your universe that Marvel to this day has NOT done so far. Let’s explore what the does for Justice League by taking out the two parts that ruin this film: Speedy Resurrection of Superman and the weak Villain. First you do not resurrect Superman in THIS film, but rather delay that to the obvious sequel. Build tension that this team isn’t quite working well together…yet. Let them get beaten by a villain’s powers not just his height (too many remarks by character son how big he is but to what effect?). Steppenwolf should have more backstory inserted to reveal his reasons and what drives him to conquer. Without this motivation you cannot really feel anything in regard to him. He clearly isn’t scary at all to look at so you need to highlight motivations. Show this team has a long ways to go before they can truly unite and fight against a super villain from another dimension. This film should have been split into two parts. First part is them trying to prevent the capture of the boxes. The film ends with them barely keeping the last box away from Steppenwolf and that would setup the resurrection of Superman in the sequel. You get to devote more screen time to the team and build upon their characters more to endear them to the viewers. By losing the final films battle with Steppenwolf and barely getting the last box away you then setup why Batman is desperate to resurrect Superman at all costs. That would make those moments better in a sequel just not crammed in this film as they sloppily did.

As a fan of both DC and Marvel characters I say this to both studios: MAKE VILLAINS GREAT AGAIN.

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  1. W. Adel Washington

    Great review of the Justice League and awesome observations…I tend to just watch for entertainment without any heartfelt attention or study. You really make some good points albeit I never finished Batman v. Superman; just didn’t pull me in.

    I await your review of the Avengers – Infinity War and any predecessors.

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