Long Shot

Writing Movie “WRONGS

By Jim West


Long Shot

Directed by Jonathan Levine

Written by Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah


What a refreshing story and take on the usually bland or vomit inducing romantic comedy film!  I start off with such a exclamation because I do hope this film connects with wide audiences as it truly deserves to be.  Solid direction, excellent performances by the cast, and a solid storyline that actually takes the risks and delivers with something fresh to say about the real value of integrity in these modern times where image is seemingly most important.  The two writers perfectly blend comedy and drama perfectly.  I would love to see more from these two.  Enough praise.  Let’s get to it.

Here comes the spoilers.

Charlize Theron plays U.S. Secretary of State Charlotte Field (perfect casting), and we get a brief insight to her busy and extremely lonely life.  She gets called to the White House to be informed she will be endorsed by the president for her run for the office.  We jump to see Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) infiltrating a gang of neo Nazis for an undercover story.  The next day Fred gets informed the paper he works for just got bought by media mogul, Parker Wembley, whom Fred hates everything the man stands for.  Fred gets depressed at having to quit he goes to seek comfort from his best friend Lance who takes him for a night out on the town.  One of the stops is a charity fundraising event which Charlotte also happens to be attending.  Fred reveals to Lance he knows Charlotte as she used to be his babysitter.  Charlotte feels they have met and soon he informs her how.  They share a quick update on how each has been doing in life and then as they say goodbyes, Fred crosses paths with Parker Wembley who is trying to get time with Charlotte who obviously she has been trying to avoid him.  Fred yells his feelings about Parker in front of everyone and then turns to leave and falls down stairs which gets recorded and goes viral.

That evening Charlotte is reviewing articles Fred has wrote and is impressed with his convictions and how he told off Wembley that evening.  She tells her manager she wants Fred to write her speeches because he knew her when she was a young teenager.  Fred gets called the next morning and a driver is sent to pick him up.  Lance is super excited for Fred thinking this could lead to something romantic, and Fred starts to get self-conscience of his looks.  The film walks the fine line of not being creep or oversexualized.  Kudos for the writers on this being done just right.  Fred and Charlotte spend a lot of time together as he needs to get to know her better so he can write better for her.  With something akin to the various lists of questions that evoke feelings of intimacy and closeness, they get very candid and slowly open up to each other.  Then after an attack which nearly killed them both, they consummate their relationship.  Again this is handled with class and done very well.  Fred has great moments written for him in this film to not go all out jealous which some romantic comedies do.  The scene in the ballroom kitchen in Spain is just beautiful.  At this point I don’t want to spoil the rest of this film out of sheer respect I have for the story.

I would not change a single thing about this film.  It ends with the same way it began…characters having integrity and choosing it over image or status.  Wow.  Just Wow.  Refreshing theme, great take on the rom com story, and earnest portrayals by the actors.  Go see this film with a spouse, a first date, or anybody.  Just go.  We need more well written films, and if you don’t support them when they do come along we will just keep getting the garbage we used to getting.

This long shot is a sure thing.

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