Zombieland 2

Writing MovieWRONGS

By Jim West

Zombieland 2:  Double Tap

Directed by Ruben Fleischer

Written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Dave Callaham

Back in 2009, Zombieland delivered a fresh humorous take on a post-apocalyptic zombie world.  It opens brilliantly explaining rules to stay alive in this new world, and so does this sequel to catch us all up on the changes that have occurred since the first film.  A decade later we get to catch up with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone), and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) to see how ten years have treated them and how they have grown.  We get to deal with some family issues and all the while get heaping doses of comedy along the way.  For that and the great Bill Murray cameo I will be giving this one a writing a movie right review.

Here comes the spoilers.

We get caught up with the crew showing us their lives to this point that they hole up living life in the White House.  With their lives on a sort of repeat Little Rock yearns to have more than their current life is giving her.  Wichita and her leave with no warning the day after Columbus proposed to her and she expressed how commitment scares her. A month later Tallahassee and Columbus spend some time at the local mall to do some ‘shopping therapy’ and Tallahassee tells a story of his Native American bloodline and how they killed a herd of buffalo.  Brilliant foreshadow and when the moment in the climax of the film comes it is rousing instead of boring.  Columbus gets surprised by a annoyingly ditzy girl who has survived the apocalypse by hiding in a Pinkberry freezer.  She comes back to the White House and sleeps with Columbus.  That same evening Wichita comes back to gather guns and gear for she is trying to track down Little Rock who left her while on the road with a guy from Berkeley.  Last she heard they were heading to Graceland.  The guys plus the new girl, Madison, load up in a rundown minivan to go find her. 

Along the way they come across a super zombie that is faster, smarter, and harder to kill.  Columbus dubs this new zombie the T-800 after Terminator.  They arrive to Graceland to find it in ruins and stopover a hotel where they meet a woman named Nevada who eventually takes a liking to Tallahassee over their shared love of Elvis.  The next morning the crew cross paths with hilarious doppelgangers who attack and get bitten by super zombie and as soon as they are introduced get killed off yet in hilarious fashion.  The recurring gag of the minivan is priceless and watching Tallahassee slowly build up his anger in an exploding crescendo (literally) is hilarious.  If I was to change anything about the film would be to have them breakdown in the pink Cadillac and have to resort to driving again in the minivan and it would still run miraculously given it was presumably blown up and on fire when we last saw it. 

To wrap this review up and still leave some great comedic moments for you to enjoy, I will simply say if you liked the first one you will definitely enjoy this sequel.  I really hope they come back again with another film to complete a trilogy.  These characters still have room to grow and face challenges together and that itself is worth another film as long as the writers can keep the gags and jokes coming along.

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