Do all of your reviews contain spoilers?

I try to not be absolutely spoiler filled with a review, but revealing spoilers is key to laying out the plot of the film and then showing how it should have been written. I always provide a spoiler warning before going into that part of the review.  I feel most people read spoilers anyway, and for those who care will avoid reading my reviews until after they have seen the film.

What qualifies you to be a review expert?

I never claim to be an expert. Just a avid film fan who happens to also be a writer of both fiction and non-fiction works.  I have won some awards and received some critical praise for my literary works.  These reviews are my perspective and opinion, and I welcome comments and feedback for every review.

What films will you not review?

Typically films bases on best-selling books I tend to avoid. Horror, Animated films, and films that are geared for younger audience I will avoid also.

Why would anyone want to read your reviews?

Ever leave the theater with questions as to why did this character do this? Why did that happen when this happened before?  How often do you have debates over a films ending with dates or friends?  I hope to continue those discussions and debates with my reviews.  Give a forum where other film fans can express their thoughts on how the film should have been written.

How many films do you see in a year?

I have two very busy careers and constantly stay busy with creative projects, but I make time to catch between 2-3 films a month. I average around 30 films a year.  Low numbers by most standards I know.

What is the deal with montages?

Okay I grew up in the 80’s where montages were all the rage. From a story perspective this shows accelerated growth for a character.  How he got form a zero to hero.  Montages can be done with modern twists and innovation in film.  I welcome it as it can cover a lot of ground story wise within the confines of the film medium which doesn’t always have time to thoroughly explain certain points like a book can do.

What if I disagree with your review?

I agree to disagree! That is wonderful!  Please express yourself in the comments section and perhaps tell me what your thoughts are on the story and plot.  I welcome all discussions as long as it is kept positive and profanity free.